Book haul!

I bought a whole box of books at the used book sale at my library today! A few are my mom’s, the rest are mine. I might even go back and get more tomorrow when I can fill a bag for $5.


June Book Challenge by partnersinbooks!!

  • Glasses - I dont wear glasses but i have one =)) sooo yeah ;D

Noryx | Enriquez (c) | Goodreads


my most favourite place on earth

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My tbr pile for the treesofreveriereadathon!


August Book Photo Challenge
→Day Two : TBR Pile


books-cupcakes September book photo challenge day 7: Character Most Like Me

I think I am a lot like Charlie from The Perks of Being a Wallflower

by Alícia Cohim

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The frustration that occurs when you don’t really remember what happened in the previous book but you don’t want to reread it before continuing the series